A Few Words From Our Happy Clients

"I hate the gym and training. That's a fact. There was only one man brave enough, committed enough and crazy enough to take me on, his name - Martin Bundsen! He once told me that sweat was fat crying! He was right. Martin trained me every day for four months before Cuban Fury and I have to say because of him I loved every minute of it. He's also easy on the eye which helps tremendously. Cheers mate".

Nick Frost - Actor, comedian & friend

"I've been training since I was very young, all kinds of sports from basketball, skiing to martial arts. Food has always been a passion, but I've have never fully made it a part of my training. I've eaten what I like, when I like and hoped it would be enough (often too much). However, since I'm a single parent with two kids, it has become increasingly important - not only when I eat - but what I eat and also how important the right nutrition is for my kids and myself. Thanks to Martin's help I've now been able to both loose abundant amounts of body fat and weight, but more importantly I've been given new insights and tools so that me and my kids can live a healthier life".


Rickard - Marketing Manager

"As a young kid training was a big part of my life. 6-7 days every week was spent on the ice training to become the best Ice Hockey goalie. However, once I got older my life changed in a way that training and other physical activities were no longer part of my everyday life. I reached out to Martin since I felt that I had to change my life and live a more healthy lifestyle. I can't stand to be that guy who's constantly tired, looks and feels out of shape. Martin opened my eyes and made me realise that even though it's not easy, it's possible to eat correctly and most importantly control what you put in to your body every day. I was chocked when I realised what I had been feeding my kids and myself. After less than two months I feel full of energy, much happier and with my balanced diet combined with the correct training I feel GRRREAT!"


Stefan - Sales Manager