About No Shortcuts

No Shortcuts was founded by Martin Bundsen in 2011 after decades of studies related to fitness, training and diet.


With over 20 years experience we have tried pretty much everything on ourselves as well as on others. No matter what goals you have with your training, we will create a training, diet and supplement program which will be optimal for you and your body. We will motivate and inspire you to stay focused, disciplined and dedicated to make sure you reach your goals.


Our main goal is to provide our clients, whether online or in person, the tools they need to transform their bodies and their lifestyles in order to ultimately be healthier, happier and to lead a higher quality, and in many cases quantity, of life.

Meet Martin

Martin Bundsen is a professional lifestyle, fitness and transformation coach, UKBFF Men's Physique competitor, nutrition expert, fitness model and celebrity personal trainer with over 20 years experience.


Martin found his love for the gym at the age of 13. Since then he has researched and studied everything within the field of fitness. In 2008, after finishing his Masters in Business, specialising in marketing Martin decided to move to London. London was tough in the beginning and after almost eight months without a real job, a not so healthy lifestyle, and with no gym membership, it was time to make a change. Martin started working at the local gym and changed his unhealthy lifestyle.


One of his best friends and training buddies from his high school years already lived in London. Much like Martin, he always experimented with different types of training and diets, but on a whole different level. With great guidance and coaching, Martin's transformation started. His new main focus was improving his squats and deadlifts. He continued researching websites, read books and articles on how to optimise his training and diet. The first goal was to get below 10% body fat according to caliper readings. One of Martin's friends was working on his PHD at the Karolinska Institutet, one of Europe's largest and most prestigious medical universities located in Stockholm. He was studying everything that had to do with weight gain, weight loss, genetics, diets and training methods. Martin therefore received the most recent research/studies which helped him perfect both his training and diet programs.

Martin's Transformation

During his first 6 months, Martin went from almost 30% body fat, weighing more than 120kg, to around 95kg with 15.2% body fat. His leg strength doubled and his upper body strength increased significantly as well. The result was what motivated Martin the most, the expression “Better Every Year” was coined, and the race was on. After two years of coaching, Martin felt he had gathered all the information he needed, but continued to study a great deal and exchanged ideas with his coach. His results were better than he ever could have imagined, and even better than his coach's results. Martin soon took that extra step and has now competed in the Men’s Physique twice, he has signed with the UK’s best fitness modelling agency, he has coached and helped many other people to achieve their dream body, and he has trained A-list celebrities and business professionals from around the world. He has managed to maintain a great physique for the last six and a half years, making small improvements every year like the expression “Better Every Year”. Martin is a fitness expert who’s constantly looking for better ways to help you become the best you can be.

Transformation from 2008-2017 starting at over 30% body fat to around 4% for the last 7 years showing that you can maintain a great physique.