Q: Can I do my HIIT outside?

A: Yes, of course. Hill sprints is one of the most effective HIIT workouts for example. Most people prefer and find it easier to do it inside on a treadmill, bike, cross trainer, step or rowing machine.

Q: Can I increase/decrease my resting period in between sets?

A: Resting periods can be very individual so you can of course make small changes either way. It's great to time your resting periods though so you're not making your workouts longer than they have to be.

Q: Can I add an exercise to my program?

A: Yes, this is usually okay, but please write us an email and explain which exercise you want to add so we can make sure it will benefit your overall progress.

Q: Why did I feel weaker during today's workout?

A: There are a lot of factors that can affect your workout. For example how much rest you've had before your workout, sleep, stress, what you ate prior to working out, the amounts of calories consumed on a daily basis and when you ate last time. Remember that as long as you push yourself you'll get a great result.

Q: What do I do if my gym is missing equipment that I'm supposed to use in my program?


A: Your program should always have alternative exercises for each muscle group to make sure you can get the most out of your program. If your gym has a very limited amount of equipment, you can send pictures so I can alter your program to fit your gym. 

Q: Can I build muscle and get rid of body fat at the same time?


A: Most people can't build muscle and burn fat at the same time. This means that you should focus on one out of the two, either burning fat or building muscle. I must add that at a younger age and when you're new to weight training, the possibility of gaining muscle while getting leaner at the same time is much easier due to higher testosterone levels and higher metabolism.

Q: I'm training almost every day and I'm not getting much of a result, why could that be?

A: First of all you're probably over training, not letting your body rest to recover. Rest is as important as your actual workout. It's when you're resting that you're letting your body repair itself and get stronger. Another reason could be that your training doesn't match your goals, that you're doing the wrong type of training to reach your goals.

Q: When should I drink my whey protein?

A: I recommend that you have your shake right after training and that you mix the powder with water. If you haven't had enough protein by the end of the day, you can top it up with a shake and you can it with milk if you want it to be more of a milkshake.


Q: What happens if I haven't had enough protein, fat or carbohydrates after my last meal of the day?


A: Always make sure you've got some sort of protein supplement, organic coconut oil, nut butter, omega 3 and berries at home. These are great fillers when you're lacking something. Check out for a wide range of protein powders and functional food like oil, omega 3 and nut butters.

Q: What do I do if I've accidentally had too much of either protein, carbohydrates or fat?

A: If you haven't reached your macros for the day, have less of one of your other macros and try to get as close as possible to your daily calorie intake.

Q: What do I do if I accidentally have too many calories one day? Should I eat less the following day?

A: I'll always advise you to plan your day which makes it easier to stick to your macros, but if you have a little bit too much one day, don't take that out on the following day. Follow your macros and total calorie intake on that day since it has been calculated after what type of activities you might do.

Q: What do I do if I'm going out to eat?

A: First thing you can do is to pick a restaurant that serves things that fit your diet/day. Have a look at the menu and try to order something containing things you know, for example fillet steak or tuna steak, skip the carbohydrates and have a garden salad without dressing.

Q: Why do I weigh more after a refeed/carb day?

A: Carbohydrates make you store more water in your body. 1 gram of carbohydrates makes you store about 3 grams of water (2.7 to be more precise). Since you're usually on a low carb diet, a slight weight gain is more than common after a refeed/carb day.

Q: Won't I have less energy if I train fasted?

A: A lot of people struggle to train fasted and in their mind they have less energy since they might feel hungry or believe that they should have less energy because they haven't eaten. If you eat to close to your workout it will slow you down rather than help you during your workout. If you're training first thing in the morning, yesterdays dinner is enough to fuel your workout. It's always more important to refuel your body after breaking down your muscle, because that's what you actually do when you work out. The food you have after working out will repair your muscle and make you stronger and help you grow.

Q: When can I have a cheat meal or cheat day?

A: Some people call a cheat meal or a cheat day a dirty refeed. A cheat meal or cheat day will only slow down your progress, so unless you're okay with that I strongly recommend that you wait with cheating on your diet until you've reached a desired goal.

Q: What's the main difference between One Whey and One Whey Isolate?

A: Isolate has slightly less calories, is carb and lacto free, a more pure type of protein.

Q: What products do you recommend that I always have at home?

A: Organic coconut oil, peanut butter, Whey and casein from and various types of frozen berries.

Q: Should I be careful with using salt when I cook?

A: As long as you're cooking your own food, you don't need to worry too much about salt. Salt brings out the flavour in your food which therefore will make your diet more interesting.